Welcome to Strand

Strand is the number one precision medicine company in India with over 20 years of experience in genomics and bioinformatics. We have interpreted thousands of cases and we are the leading experts in Bioinformatics in the country.

Strand has developed world leading Next Generation sequencing software, the incredibly flexible Laboratory Management Systems and one of the world's leading variant interpretation software. Click below to see how you can take advantage of these in your laboratory or research.

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The Strand Advantage

20 years of trust

Born in IISc Bangalore, Strand has a long history of research excellence. Strand continues to deliver industry leading solutions and is proudly the lighthouse of technological innovation in bioinformatics in India.

1000s of Interpretations

Strand interprets reports for our own labs and also for several national and international clients. Top bioinformatics companies across the world use Strand's reporting service.

Top Talent

Over the years Strand has hired and nurtured the best of talents be it engineering or bioinformatics. Strand hires from top institutions and this talent is the foundation on which Strand is built.